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5 Anime that Need Another Season

Another day, another anime list to be made!

I’ll begin this list with a question: why do we watch anime? Better yet, why do we watch any visual medium? Well, I would hope that your answer would be along the lines of “because I enjoy it” or “because it makes me feel good” or something vaguely like either of those. If you watch a visual medium for any other purpose, I question your decision making. However, that’s a different discussion for a different day. Now I ask you: what keeps you watching a show? For me, it’s an elaborate combination of a variety of attributes from the show, be it enjoyable characters, solid character development, an intriguing plot, or simply some well-written and adequately-timed comedy. A lot of the time though,  what keeps us plastered to our flashing screens is the suspense of how the series is going to end. For me, endings are usually one of the larger ‘make-it or break-it’ aspects of a show that can really upgrade a relatively mediocre show to a good show and vice versa.

Some series are not in desperate need of a cohesive ending because of the show’s content. This is usually conducive of spoof shows (e.g. Excel Saga and Cromartie High School), strict slice-of-life series (e.g. Azumanga Daioh, Nichijou, and Hidamari Sketch), or pure comedies (Daily Lives of High School Boys or Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt). There are other shows that don’t warrant a decisive conclusion because they are completely episodic in nature like Mushishi. Besides these, most shows deserve and are in need of a quality ending or else they fall victim to being incomplete, thereby having unresolved plot points or unexplained characters that were once thought to be relevant (both which are huge pet-peeves of mine).  Sadly, this doesn’t prevent some shows from tragically crashing and burning or from straight-up not wrapping up at all. And these are the series that this list will be covering. Now note that these are not necessarily 5 shows that I **want **to have another season (though some I do). These are 5 anime that I believe **need **another season because I think that they are currently unfinished. These are also series that I believe will be made exponentially better with the addition of another season that concludes the series. So even though I would be elated if there were 50 more seasons of Mushishi, it technically doesn’t need one because the story could tread on forever. I won’t include any anime on this list that already have new seasons that have been announced as of right now such as Tokyo Ghoul or Attack on Titan. This list will also not cover series that need better endings like Claymore, Berserk, Deadman Wonderland, or anything like that. Ostensibly, those shows already concluded…they just either sucked at arriving at said conclusion or botched the ending tremendously. Lastly, as with all other lists, this is my personal list. I know everybody will have a different opinion and I would love to see which shows you guys think need another season in the comment section below. And with that, TO THE BAT-MOBILE!

**5.) Spice & Wolf: **This first entry doesn’t fall victim to not receiving a second season. It has a second season. Even with its second installment, Spice & Wolf still doesn’t have a clear-cut conclusion. Unlike the other series on this list, the unfinished ending isn’t necessarily all bad for Spice & Wolf. Coincidentally,  I kinda dig the fact that the show allows the viewer to assume that Holo and Lawrence’s journey just continues on the same path that it began; I almost don’t want it to end. But, my other, more critical and rational half says that this story deserves a decisive end. In spite of how much it would destroy me internally to witness an end to this series, I do think that it needs to conclude on some sort of note. This series warrants some closure and that’s why it makes it on this list.

**4.) Black Bullet: **Now here is a series that I don’t often talk about. Part of the reason why I don’t is because the series did not quench my thirst for sci-fi action nearly as well as I originally hoped it would. It didn’t start off badly-quite the contrary. But it lost chunks of momentum as it kept introducing new characters, ignoring key plot points, and eventually ran out of episodes to properly articulate everything. Black Bullet introduced the goal of the show in the first half of he first episode: rid the world of the alien Gastrea. To the viewer’s dismay, Black Bullet never accomplishes that goal. Instead, the show makes the initial situation grow increasingly more unbearable. The show ends with everything returning (mostly) to the status quo…which was really fucking shitty in the first place! Realistically, nothing gets accomplished. This series needs a second season to offer the trio of main characters a chance to succeed at the original plot of the show and to clear up some of the messy unresolved plot elements that never received proper attention. That would be great.

**3.) Btooom!: **Here is something you’d never though you’d see me say: Btooom! doesn’t have a terrible ending. Let me explain this controversial statement before I have people sending me death threats. What I mean is that Btooom! cannot feasibly have a bad ending because I don’t believe it truly ended. What Btooom! did is it began crossing the road and then thought it would be intelligent to sit in the middle of the lanes and not budge.

*Accurate representation of how I feel about the current ending*
Like I said back in [my review of Btooom!](http://www.animeinspectors.com/btooom-review/), it halted in the middle of it’s tracks. Why the director thought this was a genius and strategic move to end this series the way they did, I will never know. But what I do know is that the failed attempt to end the show resulted in so many unresolved plot points and character motivations that I could make new list composed of just those two things.  So, the reason I believe Btooom! requires a new season is so the show can actually end and not just stop for no damn reason, because God forbid a show actually has a justifiable and coherent ending for once.

**2.) No Game No Life: **Finally, another show I enjoyed. So this series actually did a lot of things right. It has two characters that you came to care for (most likely) and has an engaging plot to boot. What the show also excels at is in world-building. The series has a world that is big enough, intricate enough, and likable enough to make the viewer want to experience it first-hand.  Oddly, these are also some of the reasons it direly needs a second season. For a series with such an interesting and likable world, fun and unique protagonists, intriguing plot, and massive popularity, it’s a shame and rather perplexing that the director ended it in the fashion that he did. Like Black Bullet, the protagonists never succeeded at the goal they introduced at the beginning of the show. Not only this, but only a marginal portion of this unique and colorful world was explored throughout the show’s run time. So with all of this in mind, I think it is safe to declare that No Game No Life needs a second season and I would love to see one. 

**1.) Gangsta: **This is the newest addition to this list and I’m pretty sad it ended up making it on here. Gangsta just “finished” in September of 2015. I was expecting so much more from it considering how fantastic the first 4 or 5 episodes were. Disappointingly, from episode 7 or so and onward, the show begins suffering from trying to do exceedingly too much with a measly amount of time. This ends up being detrimental to the conclusion of the show…which it doesn’t do. Like Btooom!, Gangsta never truly ends. It kind of ends on a cliffhanger and sets up a solid foundation for a second season considering all of the events that only are just in the makings by the end of the 12th episode. Also like Btooom!, this leaves many plot points just dangling there by the end. This show really deserves a second season. The characters are great, the plot is refreshing, and the setting is one that is uncommon  in the world of anime. But this show may not have a chance to obtain a second season seeing that the studio that produced it, Manglobe, went bankrupt and is now defunct. So unless some other studio picks this series up, we may never see it end properly. This a huge bummer because I think this show still retains a staggering amount of potential which is why it makes the #1 spot on this list.

So thus concludes my top 5 series that need another season list. Please let me know which shows you guys think need another season, especially since I haven’t seen everything. Suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for reading and keep watching anime!

Cheers to more anime!


Greg is a 23 year-old from Traverse City, Michigan. He likes catching frisbees, drinking coffee, and driving over the speed limit. His favorite anime is definitely not School Days.

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