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First Impressions: Anime Spring 2016

Hey ladies and jellyspoons! I’m very sorry for the lack of content lately. For those who care, all three of us Anime Inspectors are graduating college and have been under insurmountable amounts of stress over the past few months which is why we are so infrequent about uploading new articles. I hope you guys and gals can forgive us. As compensation, here’s an article that I have wanted to post for a little while now.

As many of you probably know, with the changing seasons comes the influx of new anime. With the sweet and floral spring breeze came a slew of new series for all of us anime viewers to look forward to. Now, though I label myself as being decently well-versed in my anime knowledge, I have only really been invested in watching anime as a pastime for about three years or so. On top of that, I have only been keeping up with the anime seasons for about a year and a half. However, in that minuscule span of time I have learned that only a handful of shows that come out of the seasons are actually worth everybody’s time. I have also cultivated my own way of watching the series of any given season. I’m not one of those people who attempts to watch every series within a season, but I’m also not one of those people who painstakingly and meticulously sifts through every synopsis on Anichart.net only to select one or two shows to watch. Instead, I pick five or six shows that I believe fit my personal tastes and have potential to be entertaining, or at least palatable. So I will be covering what I feel about the series that I am currently watching from the now-airing spring 2016 season of anime. If you’re hoping to see me rip a show like Hundred a new asshole, you won’t be seeing that here. Not like I wouldn’t like to do that, but because I am no masochist and wouldn’t dream of enduring such rubbish solely for the sake of shredding it to pieces afterwards. Lastly, I obviously am not watching everything that is airing this season so unfortunately for some of you, a series you may hope for me to cover might not be on this list. With that in mind, here is what I think about the six shows that I’m watching from the spring 2016 season:

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

**One Punch Man High?**
Here is the series that I think holds the trophy for the most hype this season. You guys can thank *[One Punch Man](http://myanimelist.net/anime/30276/One_Punch_Man?q=one%20p)* for all of the attention this series is receiving. However, I think that comparing this series to the later is just silly. Aside from the super hero premises and the comedic aspects associated with them both, they’re really not that alike. If I had to draw any comparison to *Boku no Hero Academia*, I think it would be with the 2005 Disney channel movie *[Sky High](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405325/)* if any of you have seen it. Even though this show isn’t *One Punch Man*, I think it has gotten off on the right track. The premise may not be 100% original, but it’s different enough to draw anybody in. Moreover, this series is done by Bones so the animation is stellar, the animation style fits the tone of the series (so far) marvelously, and the blend of comedy with action is integrated nicely because it’s what Bones does best. The characters are quirky and endearing enough to be likable without seeming overbearingly stereotypical and the OP is solid. Overall, I like what this series is doing. I don’t anticipate it ending up as being the pinnacle of the action/comedy genre, but with where the story seems to be going and how Bones is handling things, it looks to be a generally enjoyable ride.

Joker Game

I think this series was the one that captivated me the most entering the season. I am a huge fan grittier shows like Baccano!Black Lagoon, and Gunslinger Girl so a series about circa WWII Japanese spies seemed directly up my alley.

Back in 2015, I thought I would have my thirst for a series like this quenched with Gangsta. Alas, that series didn’t really pan out so I’m hoping this series will do me some good. As of right now, it’s off to an alright start. The setting is about as intriguing as you can get and the animation done by Production I.G. is wonderful. The only issue I foresee is in where the plot is going…or if it will even develop to have a plot. This series may just end up being a character study with each of the spies which would be fine in my book. However, I just pray that if it winds up procuring a plot that it get one fuckin’ quick or else it may slip into the “it didn’t have enough episodes to properly explain everything” pitfall that so many 12-episode series have been nosediving into as of late. So, this series is good so far. I just hope it stays that way because it could either end up being spectacular or a flop.

Bungou Stray Dogs

This is probably my favorite series of the season so far. The feeling I get from the show is if you mixed Noragami with Darker Than Black. The characters, while not completely fleshed-out yet (I mean, it’s only on episode 3) are enjoyable in their own right and the plot looks to know exactly where it wants to go. Bones strikes once again and combines fluid action with well-timed comedy making for an easy and entertaining viewing experience. I was also recently informed that most of if not all of the characters in this series are based off of renowned Japanese novelists which is a cool and original concept. Unfortunately, that means that a few implied jokes or gags may not be received by people who aren’t familiar with Japanese literature (that includes me). The series has even integrated an unforeseen and intriguing plot twist. So, as of right now, I say most people should try and give this one a go. It’s pretty great so far.

Mayoiga (The Lost Village)

Okay. Here is a series that has a innately interesting and gripping concept that I think is destined to fall short of the potential it has due to episode count. The plot of having 30 people starting their lives over in an abandoned village sounds promising to me. However, this a 12-episode series with a starting cast of 30 freakin’ characters. I thought it was stressful trying to keep track of everybody in Shirobako, but having 30 separate personalities to deal with from day 1 is just nuts. Not only this, but this also means that probably half of the cast will get barely any defining features and will never be fleshed out which is a shame. The series appears to be focusing on about 2-4 characters anyway, so I most likely will end up being right. Also, I’m not sure what the series wants to be yet. Does it want to be a “who done it” mystery or does it want to be a drama focusing of an aggregate of people beginning new lives and learning to live with each other? I don’t know. The animation and music aren’t anything special either. Seeing that it’s done by Diomedia, that’s no real surprise to me though. To conclude, this series seemed destined to fail from the beginning by making itself top-heavy with characters. It hasn’t lost me yet, but I think it’s more likely to collapse on itself rather than develop an intriguing story due to its lack of strong characters.

Not even half of them…

Sakamoto desu-ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

OMG! He’s so perfect!

The first thought that entered my mind when I saw the trailer for this was “Oh my God! Cromartie Highschool 2.0!” I don’t have a huge amount of crap to spout off about this series. This series is a pure comedy. That’s all it is. It’s ridiculous and it’s an obvious spoof on the handsome and perfect high school guy that are so prevalent in other anime. Though I don’t think it will reach the level of Cromartie Highschool or Daily Lives of High School Boys, this series is still a cheap source of abundant laughs, dumb jokes, and utter stupidity. So if you want something to lighten the load of other denser anime, this is a safe option.

Flying Witch

Here is what I think will be the underdog of the season. I just began this series on a whim and I think it will end up being a great decision. I’m getting a really big Aria the Animation vibe from this series right now and I don’t know why. The art styles are totally different and the stories aren’t even close to being the same. However, what I will say is that I’m getting the same feeling of sweetness and innocence that I did with Aria. Likewise, this series doesn’t look to have some driving plot or complex underlying themes to try and unmask. Instead, where the entertainment lies is in the lightheartedness and profoundness of the character interactions. There isn’t any fanservice so far, the interactions are genuine and realistic all things considered, and the comedy is evenly spaced and adds just the right dash of ‘funny’ to draw a chuckle from me. This series so far is simplistic and genuine and I think that’s why I’m liking it.

**I actually really like this show so far**.
- - - - - -

Well, that’s it for my first reactions for the shows this season. I’m deeply sorry if I missed a series that you’re currently watching, but I can’t watch everything nor do I want to watch everything. Feel free to say what you think of the shows I mentioned so far. I’d love to  hear your opinions. And like always, keep watching anime!


Greg is a 23 year-old from Traverse City, Michigan. He likes catching frisbees, drinking coffee, and driving over the speed limit. His favorite anime is definitely not School Days.

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