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Mars of Destruction - Joint Review

This is our first joint review. All three of us watch an anime and work together to review it as deeply as possible. This is the product of of our combined efforts. Enjoy our Mars of Destruction review!

Mars of Destruction Review

Mars Of Destruction Cover

Where to begin. This anime OVA consists of only 19 minutes, but we would consider it to be 19 minutes that every anime connoisseur should put aside in order to experience what this OVA has to offer. The process of green-lighting a show has always perplexed us and Mars of Destruction is a testament to that. While we wait for certain artistic ideas to be given a chance at animation, someone decided to green-light this masterpiece instead. Mars of Destruction might be the most horrendous piece of anime we have ever had the distaste of sitting through. It is the anime equivalent of watching the car driving in front of you veer into the oncoming lane and get plowed by a semi-truck: you have no idea why or how it happened, but all you do know is that it is a tragedy, was painful for all parties involved, and you will never be able to unsee it. Its plot is almost nonexistent and is barely strung together with anything thicker than dental floss.  Its sound quality, voice acting, and music is awful and generic, and its animation is disgraceful. It looks like the result of somebody trying to draw with their eyes closed and using their foot to hold the pencil. There is also absolutely no character development in this 19 minute creation, something very noticeable throughout the run time. However, expecting any character development in a mere 19 minute OVA is just wishful thinking anyway. The failure of this show is made even more significant by the fact that it was created by an actual animation studio…one that was probably trying to make a profit.

Let’s break it down:

Plot – Mars of Destruction has a plot, we think. It is somewhat hard to tell. It involves Mars, girls, alien zombie things, and a power suit similar in the worst way possible to Evas from Evangelion. There was even a weird, bitchy guy just like Evangelion (I see you hiding in that corner, Shinji). Aside from that, the best we can imagine is that the writers were attempting to have a deep and insightful view on the origin of life, while somehow incorporating action. 1/10

Characters – This short story does involve a cast of characters! Obviously, we have the wonderful weird, bitchy guy that is supposed to wear this cool power suit, but would rather be mad at the world. Scientist 1 and 2 make an appearance at one point to explain that humans didn’t actually come from Japan like we apparently thought? There are a handful of screaming, whiny, useless girls that are supposed to kill the alien zombie things, but only succeed in bringing their own demise. It seems like some of them reappear multiple times, but it is pretty difficult to tell or care. 1/10

Girls of Mars of Destruction

Fuck their goddamn faces.

Character Development – If you can tell from the description of the characters, the development is looking pretty grim. Weird, bitchy guy does have what resembles some development, but it’s actually just him changing the way that he bitches, so it doesn’t really count. Everyone else just sucks. 1/10

Art – The art is almost passable. Except it isn’t. Sure, you can tell what stuff is supposed to be most of the time, but trying to figure it out actually takes away from the rest of the experience. 1/10

Animation – No. 1/10

Soundtrack – We didn’t notice it if there was one. 1/10

Voice Acting – One of the voice actors from the show has a resume that is actually mentionable. Her voice acting in Mars of Destruction was probably decent too, but the rest of the experience detracted so much from it, that it doesn’t even matter anymore. 1/10

Enjoyment – Here is where we are at an impasse. We are stuck between giving this show a 1 or a 10 for enjoyment. Actually, we re-watched the show to help us make a decision. X**/10 Where X equals how cynical a mood you are in while watching this show.**


SPOILER WARNING! We are discussing parts of the anime here and it may get specific, if you don’t want to be spoiled then stop reading!

**Addison:**So guys, what were your favorite parts of the Mars of Destruction experience?

**Greg:**Knowing I would get to watch something after it.

**Tim:**When it ended of course.

**Addison:**Ya, I hear that. My personal favorite part is when unnamed girl #2 gets her head blown off. Why did we even watch this show?

Head Blown Off

**Greg:**I may or may not have known that it was the worst thing since Paris Hilton’s solo album…and may or may not have told (forced) both of you to watch it without giving you any semblance of an idea on what it was about or what permanent effects watching may have on you.

**Tim:**I am pretty sure I was tricked into watching it by the two of you. However, I would also direct one’s attention back to the start of the review where we state that every anime connoisseur should spend 19 minutes watching this show. I stand by that remark. This show demonstrates just how bad anime can be which allows us to enjoy all the good and mediocre stuff the anime genre has to offer.

**Addison:**What is some advice you would give to someone that is thinking of watching Mars of Destruction?

**Greg:**Just know it will be bad. Bring your Epipen, or alcohol, or whatever you may need to survive.

**Tim:**Go in knowing that this show was not any good. The only way to make it through the 19 minutes is to enjoy just how horrible the show is. Be sure to laugh at how bad it is and you might not have to bang your head against a brick wall as the credits roll.

**Addison:**If you could rethink your life choices leading up to watching this anime, what would you do differently?

**Greg:**Force Ben to watch it, too. Other than that, it was actually worth it…in the most horrible way possible. I knew it was gonna be bad. Just make sure you bring other people with you (unknowingly is most preferable) to suffer through it with you.

Addison: I did make Ben watch it! It really is a great experience with other people.

Tim: Not much, I knew this show was horrendous. It is the second lowest rated show on myanimelist for a reason. The only thing I might change is I watched it by myself and this type of show is always more fun to watch with others.

**Addison:**How has Mars of Destruction affected you and your way of life?

**Greg:**Well, I drink more now. But to be honest, it just presented me with how dreadful an anime can actually be. And now, I also have something to bring up whenever somebody says that they just finished something bad. It’s now become that one thing that I force all of my anime-watching friends to watch because I know they’ll all look at me afterwards with a face that just screams “why, Greg? why?”

**Tim:**It has only helped me in appreciating actual quality anime. It also ironically prepared me for watching Sharknado with my girlfriend which was pretty much just as bad as Mars of Destruction but that is digressing. Overall the show is worth watching just to laugh at how bad it is. Finally, it has provided me with 19 minutes to show to my university’s anime club because I am sure they will enjoy it and hate it in a similar way to how we ourselves have felt.

Addison: Very true that it helps us appreciate other anime even more. I also showed my anime club and it was a truly fantastic experience.

And with that, we wrap up our first joint review! Thanks for reading!



Tim is in his final year of undergraduate studies in Western Michigan, studying History and Psychology. He is currently the secretary of his university's anime club and the Director of Programming of

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