Our Rating Scales

We are The Anime Inspectors! Basically, we’re a bunch of big nerds that went to school together, love anime, and sometimes we hang out together to watch anime when our lives give us time. Below, you’ll find some more personal information about each of us; more importantly, you’ll find our personal rating scales. Obviously, we’re different people and we like different things and have different opinions, so our rating scales reflect that. The Anime Inspectors in question are:

Addison or addmanrcace – Addison is an anime fanatic living in Western Michigan. He watches an insane amount of anime and finds something to like in all of it. He runs a local anime club and is involved in the planning of a Western Michigan anime convention known as Jafax. Aside from anime, he lives a pretty busy life of full time work (web design) and school (other nerdy computer stuff). He is an anime completionist, very proud that he has never dropped a show or movie.

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Rating Scale: Addison’s rating scale is the most ambiguous. He likes everything to some extent, and lives by the idea that everyone should try everything. To reflect this, his rating scale isn’t really a scale at all. Instead, he’ll point out some of the pros and cons that each show, movie, and OVA exhibits, as well as some themes and ideas that may relate to other anime. He will use a star scale to represent how much he would recommend an anime to anyone.

  • 5 Star – Everyone should watch.
  • 4 Star – Everyone that likes anime should watch.
  • 3 Star – Everyone that likes the genre should watch.
  • 2 Star – People that like similar anime should watch.
  • 1 Star – People that still want to watch after reading the review should watch.

Greg or ringwormsherm – Greg is a 21 year-old from Traverse City, Michigan. He started watching anime as a hobby 3 years ago when he first fell in love with the medium by watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He is currently assisting Addison with his position in the Grand Rapids-based convention, Jafax. He also attends his anime group with somewhat regularity. Aside from anime, Greg is a huge football fan, plays ultimate frisbee, and is pursuing a degree in Psychology at Kalamazoo College.

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Rating Scale:Greg’s rating scale isn't really a scale at all. Greg believes that all rating and reviewing is purely subjective even if one tries to review as objectively as they can. Therefore, instead of using a type of rating scale, Greg chooses to simply suggest whether or not he believes one should watch the series in question or not with a watch, don't watch, or borderline answer. Borderline means that it could go either way depending on one's opinion. Keep in mind that even if he suggests to watch or not watch a series, he may recommend it or not recommend it to a specific subset of viewers afterward.

Tim or Krogoth22 – Tim is in his final year of undergraduate studies in Western Michigan studying History and Psychology. He is currently the secretary of his universities anime club and the Director of Programming of Jafax, the Grand Rapids anime convention. Tim also stays occupied with Table Tennis, playing semi-competitively. He has been an avid anime fan since his senior year of high school and loves attending conventions. As an extra fun fact he is an expert in the cremation urn business.

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Rating Scale:Tim’s rating scale is also somewhat ambiguous. It can be difficult to bring an entire review and its contents down to a single meaningful number. Instead Tim believes that the important thing is what is said in the actual content of the review. He also feels that it can be difficult to assign numbers because then every show may be compared to any other show that is given a similar numerical rating. Therefore, Tim has devised a broad, and comedic, scale using the star system that is not necessarily a numerical rating scale but instead a broad recommendation on how one should approach the show, given what has been written about it in the review.

  • 5 Star – Tim’s Golden Stamp of Approval
  • 4 Star – Buy 2 copies of this gorgeous anime
  • 3 Star – Stream the daylights out of this show
  • 2 Star – Watch at your own risk
  • 1 Star – Torch it