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Site Updates and Changes

Hey everyone! Anime Inspectors is undergoing some changes. Visually, you should notice a nice, clean update. We're also changing platforms in order to make it easier for us to get content to our readers.

New Directions

Over the coming months, there will be a complete revamp of the type of content we produce. We've found our specific niches and our content will reflect that. We're really excited about the direction Anime Inspectors is heading in, and hope that our readers will enjoy it.

Since I am taking it into my hands to focus on the design of the site, I will be making continuous changes that will reflect the way we want to convey our content. Of course, I am always open to feedback. You can find our email addresses on our about page.


One of the biggest changes is that we are going to take the time to have consistent content being released. Obviously, this is a side project for us, but we are dedicated to take the time to release content on a regular basis.

We're also going to be adding a few new writers, which will help us get new content out. As always, we are going to stay committed to our in-depth reviews of anime, but we are also planning to expand into new areas. We are going to start providing up-to-date news reliably. We hope to become an one-stop-shop for all types of anime fans.


We'd also like to take a moment to send a big thanks out to our readers. It's been nearly a year and half since we started and, despite our inconsistencies, it's rewarding to know that people are reading our content.

With that, stay tuned!



Addison is a 23 year old web developer in Grand Rapids, MI. He enjoys cooking, board games, and hunting the most dangerous game. His favorite anime, aside from all of them, is Hunter X Hunter, maybe.

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