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Anime Inspectors

Welcome to the Anime Inspectors website. We are a group of anime friends that want to share what we love about anime. We will be doing reviews, previews, breakdowns, and lists of some of our favorite anime. Stick around to hear what we have to say!

Head over to the About page to learn more about who we are. We’re pretty cool (if you ask us, at least). Anime is a big part of each of our lives for various reasons. Quite frankly, we love anime a lot. Enough to want to devote extra time and effort to making the community around it even better. We love anime and we love anime watchers. Join us in our quest for good (and bad!) anime!

Anime Inspectors welcomes you and hopes you stick around!



Addison is a 23 year old web developer in Grand Rapids, MI. He enjoys cooking, board games, and hunting the most dangerous game. His favorite anime, aside from all of them, is Hunter X Hunter, maybe.

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